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See my website design prices. Everything that is needed to get your website online is included in the base charge – your hosting, domain name, email addresses. “From” means only that should you need some extras that go way beyond the web design package specification, there may be some extra payment. Visit my portfolio page to see recent work.

Should you prefer individual quotation, please do not hesitate to contact me using contact form or by phone.


Template Based Website Design €199

Price: €199

Price: €199.

No page number limit!

Want it fast, excellent looking and on very tight budget? Template based website is the only way to go. You can choose from very professional designs and have it adapted to your needs. For this kind of sites I use only professional high quality "premium" templates.

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Website/Package features:

  • Content Management System - you can create/modify your content by yourself.
  • One year's free website hosting and domain name
  • Professional "premium" template
  • Your company's logo inserted
  • Color scheme adapted to your company's needs

Quick CMS Website Design starting at €399

Price from €399

Price: from €399.

No page number limit!

This is an excellent value website design option that enables you to control the content of your website.

The graphic design is bespoke but limited as at this price there is no time to refine / iterate through design.

Template-based structure affects the functionality and the way the website is organised.

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Website/Package features:

  • Content Management System - you can create/modify your content by yourself.
  • One year's free website hosting and domain name
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Bespoke graphic design.
  • Basic Social Media sharing capabilities
  • Content management system training

Full CMS Website Design starting at €549

Price from €549

Price: from €549.

No page number limit!

This option is suitable for those who need full-featured solution. This kind of website is a professional web marketing workhorse with everything that is needed to rank very well on Search Engines and to market the content on social media sites, especially on Facebook.

Time is allowed to program and implement some custom functionalities you may require. Full professional graphic design and design amendments/iterations.

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Website/Package features:

  • Content Management System - you can easily create/modify your content by yourself.
  • One year's free website hosting
  • Domain name registration (e.g.
  • Full Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Facebook and Social Media Ready - full control over the way your content is shared.
  • Bespoke professional graphic design
  • Blog section
  • Site submitted to alle the major search engines.
  • Google analytics set up for traffic reporting and analysis.
  • Contact page with contact/enquiry form
  • Image gallery functionality
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Content Management System training

Online Stores starting at €699

Price from €299

Price: from €699.

No product number limit!

The price may be funny, but this store is not a toy!

If you need to sell online with minimum startup cost this option is perfect for you. It is simple to use while offering full-scale, extendable e-commerce solution.

You getting full-functional website with integrated store, so apart from normal store pages you can have blog, company info contact and other usual pages.

For this price there is no reason not to try selling online. Training is provided, so you are independent in running your store.

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Store features:

  • Very easy to use, one-to-one training provided if needed.
  • Multiple payment options - credit cards, bank transfer, cheque, paypal.
  • Can easily double as product catalog
  • Product categories and hierarchy, product variations (sizes, colors etc)
  • Contains normal website functionalities like blog, contact pages etc. Easy display of products and shop related items (cart, sale, featured products) - sitewide.
  • Rich marketing tools, promotion codes, vouchers, sale etc.
  • Future-proof
  • Product image galleries

Custom Systems, Solutions, Programming

Custom solution is an application built from scratch to your specs. Very often it is enough just to develop a plugin for existing systems instead of building whole application. Custom application or plugin usually performs tasks unique to your business or does something in a unique way, solves a problem specific to your business etc. It is always worth trying to find an existing solution and this is what I always do first.

If you feel you need online application with some unique functionalities please talk to me and I will present options available to you.

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Website/Package features:

  • Made to measure
  • Freedom to create unique functionalities
  • Works exactly the way you want

Domains and Hosting

Hosting is a space on a server from which your website is served to the public. Domain name is your Internet address, e.g. or

Packages below apply to all my website design packages and can be arranged for you should you wish. I will help you to choose a good domain name for you taking into consideration availability, your brand and Search Engine Optimisation factors. Of course you can arrange domain and hosting by yourself, it is independent from web design work.

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  • Irish domain name (.ie), e.g. One year Hosting and Irish Domain Registration: €85
  • Top level domains like .com, .net, .org One year Hosting and Domain Registration: €49
  • The above are yearly recurring charges.
If you would like to organise hosting by yourslef, I recommed the following Irish provider:


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Webdesign Prices in Ireland - comparision with my prices

I offer excellent value, so it is worth to compare my prices to those of other web design companies on the Irish market. I encourage you to compare my prices and work with other Ireland-based companies. Just do a search for "website design prices in ireland" and flick through frist 30 results - this is what I did, results below.

Quick CMS Website package comparision (my price €399):

I could not find an Irish offer for Content Management System driven website for around €399. All you can get for this is one static page. In most of the cases even 1-pager's cost is more expensive than my "Quick CMS Website" package.

Full CMS Website package comparision (my price €549):

My from €549 Full CMS Website package seems to be a killer offer, few companies mention Content Management System in this price range (still mostly 1-4 static pages, charging per-page).

Other important points:

Very few companies mention any training at all. Search engine optimisation is usually a separate service.

I found no Facebook-ready solutions in my price range - it seems to be overlooked even by top companies who charge really big money. Facebook-ready does not mean that you have "like" button on your pages, there is a bit more to it.

Information IconPlease note, that all my prices are limited-time offer and will go up soon. Even then, I will make sure to continue to offer better value than competitors. As a startup business I am allowed not to register for VAT, so the prices do not mention VAT. My invoices clearly state this fact, in line with Irish law. With virtually no costs on my side you are not - indirectly - charged VAT you cannot deduct.