Facebook pages and aps – design, management

Posted by Andy on September 27, 2011

Your default Facebook page is very limited when it comes to showcasing your business. Your wall or "info" tab does not say a lot, and You have very little time to convince your visitors to engage with your business and "like" your page.

Custom pages (they appear as tabs on your Facebook page) help to engage more visitors and tell them quickly, what your business is about.

Custom landing pages are especially important when you are running Facebook ads. You will quickly discover, that conversion rate (number of people who performed task you want to achieve, click like, visit your website, buy etc) is much bigger when you use landing pages.

Facebook allows to install those pages in form of small apps. Depending on solution you choose, you can have static landing pages or more complex ones that you can control from your website’s admin interface.

The role of custom Facebook pages/tabs can also enhance the experience of your Facebook page by showing products, services, informing about promotions etc.

Their main advantage is that they are always there, available from the side menu on your Facebook page. While content of the Wall always changes, the most important things are always readily available.

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