Do I need Content Management System?

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Short answer: yes you definitely do. If you are getting a website designed do not even consider going without a CMS. Even if you are getting small one-pager, content management system is a must.

Content management system lets you make changes to your website without technical knowledge. Being able to edit and create content of your website yourself gives you independence from any third parties when it comes to shaping your online presence.

This ability will save you money, time and will keep your relationship with your web designer healthy.

Consider situation where you got a static (no CMS) website. If you want to do any changes you will need to go back to the original designer. This person will either charge you for doing changes or be reluctant to do them – because this is extra work you do not pay for.

Either way it will create delays, cost and will render you unable to actively manage your online content.

Yes, you can get very cheap website design without content management system but soon you will learn that the savings were not worth the hassle that comes afterwards. In recent times I had a good few customers that hired me to convert their static websites to WordPress content management driven ones. The cost is close to getting completely new site done, so they effectively paid twice for the same thing.

Most good content management systems nowadays are free and Open Source. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal – just to name a few – are all rock-solid and have been in development for around a decade now. Lack of technical skills on your website designer’s part is the only reason he/she is offering you static, non content managed solution.

Be wise before the fact, think ahead and get yourself content managed website. Go even one step further and read about available systems to make sure the one your web designer is offering suits your needs. Migrating to another content management system once your website is established is not an easy task and will cost you both money and hassle, so do yourself a favor and investigate a little before settling for one or another CMS.

“Set and forget” attitude towards web presence is definitely a thing of the past. Ability to control your own web content is crucial and should be considered a standard. In todays fast changing web there is no reason nor place for static websites without Content Management System.