Free Woocommerce Weight and Country based shipping extension plugin

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AWD Weight and Country based Shipping is free WooCommerce plugin/extension. It lets you set shipping cost based on country of delivery entered by user on checkout and weight of all products in the cart.

Please note: I do not provide support to individual users through this site.

I am aware of the issue with the latest 2.1.1 Woocommerce update and I will resolve it as soon as I can…

If your WooCommerce store sells and ships to multiple countries, and you need weight based, per-country (or country group) shipping cost calculation, this plugin is for you.

This plugin is work in progress (current version – 0.1 – initial release) and I provide no support for it.

Download Latest Version HereAWD Weight and Country based shipping for WooCommerce
Version 1.0.1

Please back up your database before installing. If you have some money to spare and need something more professional I suggest you use commercial plugin from Woo themselves.

Version 1.0.1 was tested with WordPress Version 3.5 and WooCommerce up to Version 1.6.6

If you have any suggestions about making this plugin better please email me using contact section.


Standard WordPress plugin installation applies. Unpack and copy folder to your plugins folder and activate in plugins menu.


Once active, the shipping method will appear in woocommerce->settings->shipping. The name of method is AWD Weight/Country.

Enable, Method Title, Tax status and Handling Fee are common Woocommerce shipping options and work like in other shipping methods.

Shipping Rates – this is where you set your rates. Shipping rates work in tandem with Country Groups.You always assign rate to a country group. This way countries that have same shipping costs (say European Union) can share this setting.

Shipping rates have 3 parameters divided by pipe “|” sign. They look like 100|3.55|1

First parameter (100 in our example) is weight in the unit you choose for the shop (pounds, grams, kg etc).This rate applies for carts with weight up to 100. If the cart is heavier, next rate is used. If there is no other rate, the “heaviest” – and usually most expensive – rate is used.

Second parameter (3.55 in our example) is delivery cost for carts weighting up to 100

Third parameter (1 in our example) is number of country group this rate applies to.