Memorial Printers Website - screenshot
Memorial Cards online ordering site launched – case study »

One of the bigger projects I have been involved in recently is Memorial Printers website. The site allows to order Memorial Cards, Acknowledgement Cards and other printed memorial products online. It is based on a custom built print ...

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Redirect site to new domain and keep Google Verification on old one »

Quick but very useful tip if you are moving your website to new domain. The problem is that if you rewrite whole site using .htaccess file your Google Verification is also gone, because your verification file or meta tag will no longer be ...

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Do I need Content Management System? »

Short answer: yes you definitely do. If you are getting a website designed do not even consider going without a CMS. Even if you are getting small one-pager, content management system is a must. Content management system lets you make ...

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Do not spend too much on your website – a word from a web designer »

So you are starting a business or want to build a website or ecommerce store for you existing business. While looking for web design company to do the job for you you will hear a lot about the importance of “building your brand ...

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SSD – Solid State Drive – does it make sense to buy one? »

The short answer is yes, it definitely makes sense to buy an SSD. In over 20 years of my adventure with computers every machine I owned was custom built, so I gathered a lot of experience building and upgrading PC computers. During this ...

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