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Posted by Andy on September 27, 2011

Hassle-free online advertising: all you have to do is set monthly budget. Facebook, Google Adwords or both - managed for maximum return on investment.

Comprehensive, maintenance-free Google and Facebook advertising.  This is a turnkey solution that once the goals and target audience are established,  requires no action on your part.

I will research your deserved audience, create and run the ads, check what works best. Everytyhing is measured and you will receive detailed monthly reports.

Apart from this, you will of course know how it works through the number of enquiries and sales. The easiest formula is income from sales minus spend on ads that generated those sales.

Do you want to do this by yourself but you do not know how? Avail of my Online Advertising Training – it will save you hours of researching. It will also save you money, as you will avoid mistakes and trial-and-error method.

Will it work for my business?
It works for every business. Do a small experiment – go to google and search for your own product or service. Do you see the sponsored links on top and ads on the right? Well, online advertising certainly works for those companies.  If you are on Facebook, you certainly noticed a lot of ads – and this works for those businesses also.

Facebook is slightly different – I would not be surprised if you have never clicked an ad on Facebook in your life. A lot of people are the same, so the CTR (click through rate, percentage of clicked ads to number of impressions ) is very low. What makes it profitable is highly refined targeting.

What exactly are you going to do?

I will learn as much as I can about your business. What type of customers is most valuable to you? Who they are? How are they likely to search for your product or offer? Where do they live? What age are they? What are they interested in?

While the above may seem to be excessive, it is very important, especially with Facebook ads, where demographic and geographic targeting is truly amazing, not to mention targeting by interests.

An example – if you are a Solicitor, you should probably target on Facebook people with “it’s complicated” relationship status. Chances are, that soon you will assist in their divorce. Well, I was not 100% serious here but this is roughly how it works.

At first I would recommend to start with small budget and research for a month. I would start with both Adwords (Google Advertising) and Facebook ads.  Performance of ads is very well measured and tracked – after a week or two there should be enough data to make first amendments.

After a month it should be clear what works and what does not – and this is time to gradually increase your spend.

Once the campaign is set up, I am going to constantly research and improve, as the amount of real data grows and I know more about your customers.

Those iterations and improvements are never ending game but they serve a good purpose – squeezing as much effect as possible out of your budget.

There is always a niche to be found or customers that would not be so obvious to target at first.  With adwords you can advertise on Adwords partner websites – so there is always more of them to find and test if they are fetching you business.

The above is of course extremely simplified, the subject is a science on its own. There are whole companies who specialise exclusively in managing advertising campaigns for customers.

Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to ring me or contact me using the contact form below, I will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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