Template-based Websites

Posted by Andy on January 3, 2013

What are template based websites? They are pre-built websites complete with layout and functionality. In the world of WordPress – content management system I use – they are called themes.

Building websites using those themes or templates is extremely fast, those websites are packed with functionalities and layout is usually very professional.

The only drawback is, that your chosen theme can potentially be used by thousands of other websites in the world. In practice it is not easy to spot, with your logo and custom color scheme this is not that obvious or easy to spot.

It is really not likely to get tailor-made, bespoke template for 200 euro. Developing a layout from scratch takes hours and hours of work. If you need something very professional, and you need it fast and cheap – ready made templates/themes are the only way to go.

Template Based Website Design €199

Price: €199

Price: €199.

No page number limit!

Want it fast, excellent looking and on very tight budget? Template based website is the only way to go.
You can choose from very professional designs and have it adapted to your needs. For this kind of sites I use only professional
high quality “premium” templates.

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Website/Package features:

  • Content Management System – you can create/modify your content by yourself.
  • One year’s free website hosting and domain name
  • Professional “premium” template
  • Your company’s logo inserted
  • Color scheme adapted to your company’s needs

Whenever you see website design advertised for around 200 euro it must be based on ready template. The difference between my offer and other similar ones is that I use commercial (paid) templates based on company that constantly develops them. You automatically get lifetime free updates. This is very important, because it makes your website future proof.

Those templates also are hugely customizable without any technical knowledge. There is interface not only for colors, but for placement of different elements, layout type (2-3 columns etc).

Generally speaking template based website is a very good choice for small business with small budget. If chosen carefully they are technically sound and look extremely well.


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